The Xanitalia Group

Xanitalia consists of four divisions dealing with depilatory waxes, cosmetic products, professional nail gels, and professional beauty items and equipment.


Depilatory waxes division

Xanitalia markets itself as a specialist manufacturer of hair removal waxes for professional use and for sale to the public.


With its continuous investment in research, systems and production facilities, it now ranks among the world’s leaders. The philosophy that has driven the company’s growth has been an enduring considered search for quality in the products and services offered to customers, in a spirit of total openness and collaboration.


Cosmetics division

Xanifarma specialises in the contract manufacturing of beauty and body care items such as hair care treatments, skin and body care treatments, nail treatments, sun care products, and pre- and post-epilation products.


Xanifarma subjects every new idea to rigorous processes, in compliance with current regulations. The laboratory is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment to make brand new products as well as colour-matching products for Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Sun Care and UV-Nail-gel.


The R&D division at Xanifarma employs highly professional and multidisciplinary technical personnel, allowing it to offer manufactured products that are safe, effective and pleasant to use.


Nail gel division

Xanifarma’s Nail Gel Division develops lines of permanent gels for nail reconstruction and coloured semi-permanent gels. In-depth study of the many variants of acrylic gel has led us to formulate high-performance preparations, particularly suited to use in the delicate world of nails.


Consistent quality and wide range of colours are guaranteed by quality control, using specific instruments and advanced technical processes.


We also offer different packaging options to enhance and add value to the final product, depending on specific customer requirements.


Equipment and disposables division

Xanitalia Pro specialises in the marketing of professional beauty and body care items and equipment used in spas, beauty salons and hairdressing salons. All equipment marketed by Xanitalia Pro must pass QUALITY TESTS. The equipment undergoes a series of checks and tests that certify its correct operation, guaranteeing safety and quality for our customers.


The items are stored in modern warehouses until your order is placed. Stock levels ensure that delivery deadlines and dates are met.

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