Our production capacity lets us process up to 32 tonnes of product per day, meeting demand for large and small quantities.

Production facilities

Up to 175,000 refills, 45,000 wax pots, and 500,000 depilatory strips are produced daily.


Our wax disc production facilities have a capacity of around 18,000 pieces per hour. The drop line lets us produce 300 kg of tablets per hour.


Each type of product is then packaged in versatile automated lines to create different formats and customisation solutions.

Raw materials

Production is characterised by the careful, expert selection of raw materials. These can include pine resins and palm waxes, waxes and resins produced from tropical plants, as well as pure beeswax, either in their basic state or purified through esterification and hydrogenation processes.


All raw materials undergo meticulous quality control and chemical-physical tests, essential in guaranteeing a finished product that strictly meets the technical-application characteristics required by the user.

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