Private label

We enable our customers to approach the market with customised products that are specially designed and formulated to meet specific needs.
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1. Product choice

We offer technical and commercial support when it comes to selecting the most suitable products and packaging in relation to the target market.

Our experience lets us guide you towards commercial approaches that are closer to the consumer’s real needs. This should never be underestimated, now more than ever, given the speed with which markets change.

2. Product customisation

After learning about your needs, we will assist you through the product customisation phase.


Our expertise and use of a wide range of raw materials let us optimise and calibrate products to your specific needs.

Customise your private label hair removal product
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3. Packaging

Customers can rely on our support when choosing
packaging and the relevant technical and graphic customisation.


Our broad range of packaging allows us to help
customers define their products’ commercial image.

4. Finished product

We deliver the finished product ready for sale.
We support you, not only in the choice of components and packaging, but we make your product and then package and ship it.


The flexibility of Xanitalia’s production facilities means it can meet the demand for large product quantities with the same efficiency as smaller quantities.

Delivery of your private label hair removal products
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